Action Is The Bridge That Connects You With Your Goal

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Many of us have wonderful ideas, notions, hunches. If you stop random people from the street and ask them about their grant ideas and dreams, chances are, you will receive some pretty astonishing answers that make your eyes widen. Yet when you ask the follow-up question: “So how far have you gone with your brilliant idea?” Most people would then back off one step and say: “Oh, well, Um, you know, I don’t really have time for that; I’m not talented enough…, it’s just an idea.” The result is, that those ‘goals’ are never achieved and their dreams cannot be realised.

You see having ideas is not enough. In order to actually make a difference, a change, or an impact on your life and other people’s lives, you need to actually DO something about those ideas. If you have the idea of planting apple trees, but do not go and plant the seeds, water the sprouts, and care for those young trees, you will not be harvesting any apples a couple of years down the line. Hoping and wishing will not bring you any closer to your goal. Only DOING will.

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I get people telling me all the time: “It’s so much work. I don’t know where to start. The economy is not right. My circumstances are not optimal. As soon as… I will do something…” You know that nothing is ever going to be ‘just right’. You’ve got to start. And you’ve got to start now, where you are, with what you have. Think about this: if you’ve always done the same thing and have always gotten the same results, what will you get for doing the exact same thing now? You need to make a change to your actions in order to receive a change in your results. Right?

Einstein famously said: “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, expecting different results.” If you’ve worked in the same job for many years, never had a promotion or pay rise, what’s the chance of you having more money from this job 2 years from now? If you’ve always spent all your leisure time watching TV and drinking, and you’re unhappy with your life the way it is, what’s the chance of you being happier doing the same things every day?

In my personal opinion, working in a job is not a real option at all if you are looking for real freedom and happiness. Author of the Bestselling Finance Independence books “Rich Dad Poor Dad” series Robert Kiyosaki explains in his books: JOB stands for Just-Over-Broke. You should never be satisfied with trading your life for money while working on other people’s goals and dreams. And if you already have your own goals and dreams, but do nothing about it, you will come to regret it in your ripe old age.

A lot of the time, people are not being lazy when they don’t take action. It is simply because they suffer from a debilitating condition called: Paralysis by Analysis. This is a disease of the mind. They think too much about. They keep on thinking about ‘what if?’ When you have a great idea, and you keep on thinking about it instead of getting right down to doing it, your brain will start finding things that may go wrong and warn you about them. This is your brain’s job. It’s there to keep you safe, keep you alive. It’s not meant to optimise your performance in today’s world. “Hijack! How Your Brain Blocks Performance”, an article by the Forbes Magazine online explains in detail exactly what the brain does, and why it tends to block your performance. So you’ve got to know how to get around this well-meaning obstacle. So what a few things may go wrong? You’ve surely had many things go wrong in your life thus far. You are doing OK right now, aren’t you? You can pretty much handle any future obstacles, can’t you? So why worry about something which may or may not happen, when you already know you’ve got what it takes to overcome it?


Invest in yourself. Invest in further education and training to up-skill yourself. Or learn a new skill altogether. (Interested in learning how to make money online? Click Here to learn from some of the biggest names in Digital Marketing. Change is inevitable. You must embrace change, and keep up with it through perpetual learning.) With the rapid advancement of technology, society is moving forward at warp speed. If you are staying the same while others are moving forward, you are effectively moving backwards! Whether you are breaking out of the 9-5 shackles and starting your own business, or you just want a better job somewhere else, or having a higher position and income within the same company, you always need to upskill yourself. Are you doing that? If not, what are you pretending not to know?

My favourite Personal Development teacher Bob Proctor always says: “Change is inevitable; Personal development is optional.” Make sure you keep up with the changes happening today, so you don’t get left behind while all other people are crucial skills.

In times of change, learners inherit the earth; while the learned find themselves beautifully equipped for a world that no longer exists.

— Eric Hoffer

Don’t hold yourself back with any more excuses. You DO have the time. You DO have the money to invest in yourself. In fact, you can’t afford NOT to!

Regret is the worse feeling in the world. Gary Vaynerchuk feels very strongly about this topic. He is famous for telling students and followers to always go for it, take the leap, and dare to fail. Here’s a video with Gary V himself giving this advice. Be warned about the strong language though. You’ll be absolutely shocked for a moment, but then find yourself nodding along and agreeing with him. Seriously. Be WARNED!!!

I sincerely hope that you will think about what I’m saying next time you open that six-pack of beers and switch on yet another Netflix series. If I can get just one person to seriously consider using their time more effectively and advancing towards a better life, then my efforts would be worthwhile.

This is Kitty signing off, wishing you all a productive day!

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