Do I Need A Coach?

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“Why Do I Need A Coach?” is a question I get asked very often.

People generally don’t think they need a coach. They go through life just fine. They find a job that pays OK money. They go to work, get paid, spend a weekend away here and there, and repeat.

And it’s true, most people don’t need a coach. You only need a coach when you want to improve your life quickly and drastically. Ever notice how professional athletes all have coaches, and none of the amateurs does?

A coach helps you find out what your goal is in life and how to get there. When you set a goal for yourself, you tend to base it off of past experiences and your current environment. A coach can see more talents and abilities in you than you can yourself. A coach can get you to really stretch your imagination and explore your options.

A good coach can bring out the best in you. It’s not about teaching anything you don’t already know. Shockingly enough: most of us already know everything there is to know about how to improve our productivity, how to quit bad habits, hot to become more effective in the workplace, and how to be a better partner/spouse. It’s the DOING part that we stumble on repeatedly. Your coach will hold you accountable, and remind you to take the actions that you otherwise would put off again.

Many times we are stuck in a situation or a mindset that we cannot see the way out. A coach is there to provide guidance and solutions. Just like how a GPS works, you input your goals and dreams, and a coach provides you with the way to get there. And just like with a GPS, you can choose not to follow the advice and go your own way. Will you still get there? Sure! Through trial and error, many of us can still get there. If you don’t mind spending a lot more time and energy on fumbling and figuring things out yourself, then do it your own way. If you want to choose the most convenient and fastest route, then find someone who’s already done what you want to do, and listen to them. Makes sense, doesn’t it?

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Having a coach is an investment in yourself, not a cost. Think about this: if you are currently blocked by your way of thinking, and you are only earning 5 figures a year, you might think investing in a coach is very expensive. But if having a coach can help take your business to the next level, and you end up making seven figures, wouldn’t that be a good investment to make? That’s like saying if you buy a stock option for $10,000 and you get $1,000,000 in return. Would you buy that stock? Of course! Well, that stock is you! You already have all the abilities and talents within you, to do everything you want to do. If all you need is someone to help you unlock all that potential, would you invest in yourself to make this happen?

You might be saying to me: “I don’t have that kind of money right now. As soon as I make some more money, I will invest in a coach.” And that is a very valid concern. I will never call it an excuse because we do all have different financial situations to consider. But think about it this way: If you don’t have money now, and you continue to do the same things that have to lead you to have no money, will you have money in the near future?

I want you to really ponder that question, and come up with an answer that is honest to yourself.


This isn’t all about making more money, of course. A lot of people want a Fitness Coach to help them improve their health, or a life coach to help them organise their daily lives, or a relationship coach to help them marriage difficulties, etc.

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I am a Mind Coach, as most of my work is to do with the changing of your mindset. I believe mindset is everything. When you have the right mindset, you can achieve any goal that you set for yourself. When Roger Banister ran the 4-minute mile back on the 6th of May, 1954, he had the mindset that he was going to do it, despite there having no precedence for this ever being done, and the medical doctors predicting that he would rupture his intestines attempting the feat. The John F Kennedy announced that human was going to the moon, on the 25th of May, 1961, he had the mindset that we were going to do it, “not because it’s easy, but because it’s hard”. When Arnold Schwarzenegger set out to become a bodybuilder, he had the mindset that he was going to become the best bodybuilding champion there ever was, and go work in Hollywood and become a famous actor, even though most people laughed at the idea and told him to forget about it.

Mindset is everything. The right mindset absolutely determines the outcome of everything you set out to accomplish. If your mindset is that you are a champion, a born hero, a talented, strong, tenacious, and worthy human being, then you are! And you will value yourself, and invest in yourself.

Do you have the right mindset?

Do you need a coach?

Contact me for coaching options, and take your life to the next level, today!


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