Everything Is Energy

I was at an event recently where over three whole days we trained intensively and it was absolutely full-on. Afterwards, people came to me and marvelled at how much sustained high energy I had. They asked what my secret was, and I jokingly said that I put a lot of lemon juice in my morning water. 🙂
Jokes aside, this is very close to the truth.
I have a very healthy diet, an exercise plan I follow daily, and I systematise my life in the way that I fit in a huge amount of activities daily. It’s important for me to maintain a constant high level of energy in order to be productive with my time.
In this video, I share the “Secrets” with everyone.


So there you go: there is no “secret”. Everyone already knows all there is to know. “I know that” are the most dangerous 3 words in the English language.

Learn to bridge the gap between knowing and doing can make all the difference.

So pick one thing you want to change about your life, make a decision to change it, create the action steps, and go do it.

For a very simple to follow and proven effective eating system to follow, check out the book Bright Line Eating, The Science of Living Happy, Thin & Free by Susan Peirce Thompson, PhD, a Professor of Brain and Cognitive Sciences. The book is a New York Times Bestseller, and it explains the science behind our food addictions and our relationship with food. Susan gives you a clear and precise system to follow, which has solutions for different professions and nutrition requirements. Even those who travel a lot can easily follow the system laid out in this book. If you have struggled with your food habits for years and have tried numerous diets, this book is an absolute lifesaver for you! Absolutely well worth a read or listen.

Those of you who have energy-sapping habits like smoking or drinking can download my free PDF Action Guide Quit That Now! on how to quit any bad habits and keep them at bay.

If you are interested in learning more about Meditation and its benefits, check out my other blog article: Do You Love Yourself? In it, I talk about the benefits of daily meditation, and I link to additional resources as well. There is no need to devote hours upon hours of your time to meditation, as monks do. Just 7 minutes a day can make an enormous difference. Think about it as sharpening the axe before going to chop down a tree. Learn more about how to meditate for just 7 Minutes a day.

If a well-defined stomach is something you are interested in, check this out here. Personally, I prefer to be strong, fit, and lean, but this isn’t everyone’s goal. I am aware of this, so I didn’t mention my strict diet and exercise regime etc. If you also value a lean physique and a six-pack, click here. If all you want is 5 minutes of exercise a day without making a huge investment in a gym membership or any exercise equipment, you can do many things with a simple exercise ball from Amazon.

Feel free to contact me for coaching options if you need that extra push. A helping hand can guide you to where you need to go faster, rather than you trying to find your way out from a Maze alone.

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Have a productive day!


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